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Portion of Vivid Obscurity: English y español :D





Porción de Vivid Oscurity/ Go down for Portion in English of Vivid Oscurity 😀


 English Version


            One day, I wake up bright and early like I am commanded and expected to do. I can’t sway from the strict regiment of Mr. Miogi nor would I dare. Groggily, I make my way to the designated spot. I concentrate or more allow my mind to take form and dissipate. Counting the seconds to each inhaleand exhale, I regulate everything to the whispering of the breeze.


               The breeze is weak in comparison to the humidity. It awakens me penetrates the forest hanging like a dense fog over me. It feels like rain pushing to become an existing form. Yet, not even rain can hinder my obedience to the strict regiment. The impending rain’s humidity makes my breathing heavier and more stressed. As I struggle to breath inward, my nose protests the dense air from entering. My mind prepares for a storm. Mentally, I long to open my mouth and gulp the air allowing it to enter my body at its pace. I’m suffocating, damn it, who the hell invented this through your nose, our your mouth rule? At this point, it feels like I’m sucking water down my nose like when someone laughs so hard milk squirts out his or her nose only the reverse allowing this dense liquefied air to enter my nose.


            My ego argues with my obedience. It wants to be listened to and I try to shoo it away. It’s my number one friend. What’s Mr. Miogi know about breathing anyhow? He’s not here personally to experience this air from hell. I hear a leaf hitting the ground of the forest. It probably drowned in this humidity. I wish the rain would start soon. I can’t concentrate with this fog.


            I can use a nice swim, yet I’m already swimming. Just keep swimming has suddenly become my meditation mantra. Rain already! Maybe, if I open my eyes I can predict when it’ll rain. No, I mustn’t. Opening my eyes is definitely against Miogi meditation 101. Finally, I feel the rain trickling peacefully. It brings no coolness. The humidity lingers along with it. So, it sprinkles down my forehead, then my nose, and drenches me slowly. It’s not an overwhelming rain accompanied by a storm. It’s a paced rain. Focus on each drop, Antigone, eachindividual: drop, drop, drop, and drop like the rhythm of a song. Sleeping would be so much better at this time.


            I feel Mr. Miogi’s tap waking me from my meditation. He’s wrapped in a shawl and the sparkly frost coats the grass and the dandelion by my feet. I touch my drenched nose. I taste the droplet. It’s salt. My salt produced by me. 


Versión Español 


        Algún día, me despierto temprano como estoy mandada y esperada de hacer por Sr. Miogi. No tengo las pelotas de faltarme el respeto para él. Atontadamente, encuentro el lugar designado de meditar. Concentro o más permito mi mente de tomar forma y disipar. Contando los segundos para cada exhalación y inhalación, regulo todo a lo suspiro de la brisa.


            La brisa es débil en comparación a la humedad. Me despierta y penetra el bosque floteando como una niebla arriba de mi cabeza. Siento como la lluvia me está empujando para existir. Aunque, ninguna tormenta puede interrumpir mi obediencia estricta a mi maestro. La humedad hace mi respiración más pesada y estresada. Sufro para inhalar como mi nariz me está protestando la densidad del aire. Estoy sufocando lentamente. Mi mente prepara para una tormenta. Mentalmente, deseo de abrir mi boca y trago el aire para sacar más cantidad. ¿Qué tonto inventó esta regla de inhalar por el nariz y exhalar por mi boca? ¡No hay forma! En este momento, estoy sacando el aire licuado por mi nariz como alguien que sonríe por un buen chiste y sale la leche de su nariz excepto al revés.


            Mi ego discute con mi obediencia ilógica. Quiere llamar mi atención y trato de sacarlo. De repente, mi mantra está repitiendo: “Nadá, nadá, nadá.” Como me encantaría nadar en este momento. Quiero la lluvia ya. Quizás, si abriría mis ojos, podría predecir el tiempo de llegar la lluvia. No puedo es la regla más importa. Me siento la lluvia por mi cabeza pero no ha llegado la frescura deseada. Una gota de lluvia baja hasta mis labios lentamente hasta que estoy empapada. Concentrá, Antigone, concentrá. A menos concentrá en cada gota de la lluvia. Cada gota me toca como un ritmo de una canción. Dormir ahora sería mejor.


            El toque de Sr. Miogi me despierto de mi meditación. Él tiene un mantón sobre su cuerpo. La escarcha decora el césped y los dientes del león. Toco mi nariz mojado. Pruebo la gota que tiene el sabor del sal. Un sal producido por mí.

¡National Novel Writing Month!


           It is exciting for me to be shifting through National Novel Writing Month during my exploration of writing my first novel idea. See what I did there? Novel idea. 😀 I’m hilariously punny I know. Okay, I’ll stop with the puns. I don’t know how much this will entertain anyone, but nonetheless here is my spiel. 


    I haven’t really spieled on my blog for a number of reasons. I try to steer clear of it to avoid the boring onsets of my mind unleashing into the open. I suppose if you’re following me: you’d appreciate my onset of randomness. I can’t quite say. 


         Vivid Obscurity is the name I invited for my novel. I have been working on it since about 5 months ago. I’m a rather scatter brained individual and the thought of ending the novel rather depresses me to be honest because it gives me something to write and not just a touch and go type thing, but an actual lengthy idea boggling around in my cabeza. 


         Intertextuality is actually one of my most adored tools. Why? Because, I love reading. I love enjoying other people’s works just as much as my own. The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilmah, Antigone by Sophocles, and Black Beauty (my childhood favorite) by Anna Sewell are among those used at this point. 

           Inwardly, I imagine someone, anyone, enjoying my novel to the extent of curling up before bed flipping through the pages or pressing a button on their E-reader. For those of you planning to take an Oral Proficiency Test in another language, Ipads are not E-readers. I learned that the awkward way. Tecnología is not by strong point (in any language)  but I think I conveyed that to the test proctor well enough. 


              I appreciate all the support! Also, I really admire the writing community hidden within WordPress. It really warms my little writer soul to have friends who enjoy reading my works and works I can admire as well. There’s so much talent awaiting!


    If you would prefer more spiel-like blogs, feel free to let me know…and if not, well that’s okay as well.