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Nunca debes dejar de soñar


Nunca debes dejar de soñar

I used oil pastels for the background and crayons for the lion’s mane. A “diente del leon” is a fluffy dandeleon in Spanish which is what’s in the lion’s mouth. En mi opinión, un diente del leon es un simbolo de poder, cambio, y la oportunidad de poner nuestra energia en el mundo y ver que puede existir de nuestra existencia.

Cover “Vivid Obscurity”


My wonderful friend made my first professional book cover. Mi amigo increíble me hizo mi primera portada profesional.

A little inspiration for the novel: “My bent is fixed, I tell thee, not for hatred, but for love.
Creon: “Go, then below. And if thou most have love, Love those thou find’st there. While I live, at least, A woman shall not rule. “-Antigone, Sophocles

M a n a v e l l a

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