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Life update: Houston?


If you are from Houston, be a pal, write me in the comments! I’ll love you para siempre.

I do not usually rant about my life. It’s not the main purpose of this blog and I feel sort of like I’m shorting you guys by doing so. But, I really need to vent so you are my audience. I’m not forcing you. The point of no return has not been reached. I’m home from Cedar Point (an amusement park in Ohio). 3rd summer there. Not a vacation at all.
maXair at Cedar Point, Ohio
So, I was supposed to go to Spain to assist in teaching English at a University. After the long debate in my cabeza about that event, I decided it was time to admit it: “I’m financially unable to go to Spain” I was sad, devastated, it was like “Let it go” from Frozen…but that’s the stuff you want to let go in life. The earth-shattering realization hit me: I need to find my path in this world and quick OR I could wind up in a gas-station in the Snow belt of Ohio for an indefinite amount of time living with my wonderful grandparents.

I want an adventure. The need to relocate and embark on another adventure still exists in my veins. So, I applied to all the teaching assistant jobs within cities. I applied and applied nonstop for about a week. I sent principals my resume. I bedazzled it and everything. You can imagine them holding the glorious, sparkling wonder in their fingers as sweat beads go down their old principally wrinkles used to brow beat students into submission.

Then, finally, I got an email from an Environmentally-based Magnet School in Houston. HOUSTON!? I’m bilingue. Yes, hire me please! They did. My mom calls the real-estate agent for the closest apartment in the area and the woman advises her to not let me move to that area. ¿Dónde está mi aventura?! Worst part is that was one of the few apartments I can afford. 😦 houston