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Pretty little porcelain boxes


The porcelain walls are said to protect me—-

Their consistent permanent patterns present.

Every memory sees them with resentment,

For those porcelain walls came with a special key.

Everyone has these porcelain walls

Since the moment, each individual crawls

These walls are engulfing, leaving not one free

Hidden within sweaty trembling fists,

Lay the keys surrounding everything in mist

Choking each soul and concealing their secrets

Only showing painted pretty porcelain boxes,

Appearing so square and organized neatly,

All the secrets locked up discreetly.

Raging from within growls from locked up foxes,

Voices force commands to keep it in,

Because they box it as an unspeakable sin.

My mind has grown

beyond the one standard size,

My soul remains confined in a box,

it cries

In silence,

beneath pretty porcelain walls

Holding society upright,

so it never falls

One shape, one relentless fate

Why can’t my mind look anew and create?

Was I born much too late?

No! it cannot be so. Give me a hammer

I’ll destroy the fake glitter!

Don’t you fret my dear, I’m not that bitter…

I’ll let you preserve yours

To protect you when the rain pours

But, don’t you dare forget,

What is bound to produce a fit:

Thoughts like hail shall not prevail,

Within weak porcelain walls.

Can’t you hear your soul wail?

Can’t you hear my hammer?

Hidden beneath all your glamour.

I’m finally free ,

but why?

Pretty, refined, delicately painted porcelain boxes

Appearing so perfected and complete—-

Completion is a lie

                                                                                                                    It is not


Vivid Obscurity porción en English y español


“I’ve seen her console her sobbing brother more times to count. He is her rock, but he’s still human like my

mom. But, I’ve  seen her break down to bend down and give her a hug because sometimes there’s nothing we

can do, but stand by and watch. When two people have each other, they learn to become a team and how to

cope with each other’s downfalls. It doesn’t destroy the image of strength we have for the other, but instead

creates a web of support making both people stronger than people. They mold together in symbiotic

relationship, both species leaning on the other for survival in this harsh natural world.”

                                                                         -VIvid Obscurity, Brittany Santana

“He visto esta angelito consolando su hermano llorando más veces que son posible de contar. Él es su piedra,

pero también es humano como mi madre. También, he visto el punto débil de ella casí estuvo llegado al

punto de llorar en el medio de abrazarle porque a veces no hay nada más de hacer excepto mirar

impotentemente. Cuando dos personas tienen lo otro, ellos aprenden como ser un equipo y como manejar

las caídas de la otra, estos eventos no destruyen la imagen de esfuerza y respeto de la otra sino crean una red

de apoya haciendo ambas más fuertes que personas separadas. Ellos juntan para crear una relación

simbiótica, ambos especies necesitando lo otro para su sobrevivencia en este mundo duro.”

 -Vivid Obscurity, Brittany Santana