Well, I’m Brittany. I enjoy nature, dogs, and well everything inbetween. I really enjoy writing. You can read some of my works under my writing! Also, I like drawing. It’s not professional, but I really love crayons. If you like crayons as well, you can find them under mi arte 🙂 I really appreciate you reading my blog and looking at my randomsity taking flight. I studied abroad in Argentina and would love to travel more in the nearby future, so you’ll probably see some of that shine through. I’m currently a college senior with Spanish Education as my major, but I really love a wide range of topics like music, ethics, and psychology.


Bueno, soy Brittany. Me encantan los perros, naturaleza, y cada cosa en este mundo. Me encanta escribir pero no en español….sorry. Igual me encanta leer en español 😀 Puedo dibujar pero no con un nivel profesional. Estoy estudiando en mi último año de la universidad en la carrera de la educación de español. Estudié en Córdoba, Argentina y me encantaría viajar más cuando tendré la plata/dinero. Quiero ver Quito, Ecuador muchísimo. Me encanta un multitud de temas como música, morales, y psiologia. ¡Muchas gracias para visitar mi blog! Les aprecio para su tiempo.

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    • ¡Igualmente! It makes me feel unified to my fellow bilingual family members out there in the universo. I don’t necessarily write literature in Spanish. but oh do I love it to pieces.

      Peace love unity respect,

      • I’m impressed by your ability to write in Spanish. Here I’m 50 percent Mexican and I can barely put two words together. You have much talent and you have a great life ahead of you.. Keep writing!

      • Don’t let it fool you. I’m aware my translations have errors in them. Spanish is my second language. You should really try to pursue it. It’s a gorgeous language. 🙂

      • I can read a menu at a Mexican restaurant if there are pictures and I can tell my gardener to “Clean up the grounds” but other than that… I have no accent. 😦

      • But, you’re 50% Mexican. I don’t understand how Spanish didn’t weasle its way into your life and dominate at least a little bit. Hugs! If you ever want a Skype lesson or something, I’m up for it.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it’s lovely to find your work. I love your writing and the images are beautiful. the sentence about waking up bright and early “like I’m commanded and expected to” is wonderful 🙂

    • Thanks so much!! I appreciate your blog and your comment. It’s a wonderful feeling to know someone enjoys your writing inside (because, it is of course an expression of ourselves).

  2. Hey!

    Interesante tu blog bilingüe, jaja. E interesante tu carrera. Espero que lo que escribo en español te sirva en tu formación profesional (o en la vida diaria, por qué no?)

    Gracias por el follow! 🙂


    • ¡Gracias! 🙂 No me importa que mis obras sirvan para mi carrera. Me falta mucho todavía de aprender pero la vida es así en cualquier tema. Tu blog es interesante tamnbién.

      • Sí, me refería a lo que yo escribo, puede servirte para practicar español mexicano. Es muy diferente al argentino, yo sentía que hablaba otro idioma cuando viví por allá.

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