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“En ese momento comprendí al taxidermista, en ese momento decidí que nadie debe nunca renunciar a los sueños que le empujan a seguir viviendo con ilusión.”-El taxidermista, Enrique Laso

“In this moment, I understood the taxidermist, in this moment I decided that no one should give up on the dreams that continue pushing them to live with illusion.” -The Taxidermist, Enrique Laso

A piece written in high school/ A bit of my philosophy





        The essence of a tree is like a teacher. The myriad of lessons waiting to be discovered, if I simply sit and observe. If I respond to the silent welcoming calls for me to allow it to grace me with its company. The light passes through the leaves blessing me with a kaleidoscope of greens. I slowly realize it is one of a multiply array of disciples to the greatest God-given prophets: Nature. I humble myself with eager ears to ask, “Mr. Tree, what shall I learn today?”


Answer 1: A small insignificant lifeless seed grows into the powerful living thing overshadowing what it once was no comparison to. Its branches extend into the sky. The small and insignificant in our world too have potential. The potential to turn into greatness. The core to our being is like the seed, it allows room for growth and strength. Deep down, that potential for greatness is there. As humans sit down and become intimidated, they overlook this core and potential. The ability to change and grow into something grand. Don’t criticize for what you are, see what you can become. Every tree even a red wood starts from a seed. The core of greatness is what we all start as. It doesn’t matter what you begin as, it matters what you grow as.


Answer 2: The rush of wind that topples over the full trash can, removing only a few weak branches. Yet, when the wind dies down, it stands just as tall. The weight of the branches doesn’t bring the tree to the ground. I trip over a root. The tree keeps its roots intact. No matter how tall it towers, it towers that tall because it is deeply rooted. Without the roots, the tree would tumble to the ground from the wind of adversity or weight of the branches. My past, my morals, my family, my Creator. The roots that keep my feet planted firmly on the ground. In their absence, I would fail. No matter how great and grand I am without the roots I would wind up on my butt. I admire the tree. Its life parallels my own. The more successful I become the more I will need my family, my morals, my past, and my Creator. Roots that provide the nourishment necessary for growth. 

Answer 3: My feet feel the soft cushioning of leaves and my eyes painfully look to the empty space between branches. Life loses its beauty. It too leaves the wastes lining the ground as a constant reminder of what was once there. The loss of beauty pains those who once built their nests and scurried with their big bushy tails. But, time passes and the leaves are not exactly the same as the previous ones. When life loses its beauty, it grows a new beauty. It fills the void of the emptiness. The leaves restore the nature balance of beauty and consistently serve as a reminder : life changes. 

Answer 4:  A nest appears securely snug on a branch. I see a mother bird soar down with a wriggling worm captured in its beak as the baby waits safely in the nest in the tree. A squirrel collects acorns and it scurries along playfully to accompany a fellow squirrel neighbor of the tree. As I lightly expand my lungs, I come to the realization the importance of the tree’s gift of fresh clean free oxygen. Give without the expectation of anything in return. Everything is a part of our universe, everything contributes something whether it is good or bad. Even the dead rotting log gives back as the bugs inhabit their newfound home. The most accomplished in the world is with no expectations for yourself. Life does not function any differently.