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Nunca debes dejar de soñar


Nunca debes dejar de soñar

I used oil pastels for the background and crayons for the lion’s mane. A “diente del leon” is a fluffy dandeleon in Spanish which is what’s in the lion’s mouth. En mi opinión, un diente del leon es un simbolo de poder, cambio, y la oportunidad de poner nuestra energia en el mundo y ver que puede existir de nuestra existencia.



“I never heard of the Book of Genesis,” said the Hare, “but what does dominion mean? Does this Book of Genesis say that it means the right to torment that which is weaker than the tormentor?”,

“Who hath suffered most? Let that one first taste of peace.”

The Mahatma and the Hare, Henry Rider Haggard

M a n a v e l l a


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