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Thailand – Elephants: Phajaan


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Written on Sunday the 9th of June
Before I came to the sanctuary and people heard I would be heading to Thailand, the automatic question was “Oh, are you going to ride some elephants!?” A big tourist attraction in areas such as Thailand is the ‘wildlife’. If elephants are mentioned, people tend to think about riding them for an entertaining experience.

The reality: natural behaviour for an elephant is roaming in family groups, foraging for 23 hours a day, nursing their offspring for up to three years, etc. Unnatural behaviour for an elephant includes carrying a basket of humans on its back, street performing, moving into different poses for photos, etc. Being controlled by humans is not natural, and no elephant you will find in Eastern Asia was calmly brought into its life of servitude. No elephant would naturally choose this life. Unfortunately, most tourists don’t even realise…

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