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First Unit Plan


So, I don’t usually like to rant on my blog. But, today is the day. 

I’m planning my first unit plan to initiate in my life as an educator my dear public. 

1. If you decide to do a lesson plan for Second Year Language Learners, I advise against using my approach. (It’s daunting and will suck your life away!) 

2. Don’t come back to my blog and blame me. No tengo la culpa de esta decisión. 

With that being said, I went on this massive idea connector while searching through the required concepts to be taught for World Languages. I like connections and then, bam! The idea hit me. Argentine dictatorship fits like ten of those points. I have an idea.


I’ve listened to two hours of Argentine rock songs related to the dictatorship.



       1. Los dinosaurios- letras looking perfect, message is clear, Charly Garcia to Spanish as a Foreign Language learners is not a very clear singer. 


     2. La Negra de Latinoamérica, Mercedes Sosa: Beautiful voice, lyrics pertain to freedom and the dictatorship, very folkloric which is difficult for this level to understand. 


     3. Etc. Etc. Etc. Sigh. Move on to News Clips. ¡Los porteños! Más despacio por el amor de Díos. Subtitulos son buenos pero casi no existen. 


Entoncés, yo tenía esta idea diosa de dar una biografia de una figura importante a cada estudiante. It was a good idea right? WRONG. 


3 Horas of Searching, buscando, y buscando 

Then, I decided four groups should be sufficient. 

*So, I have it: Jorge Videla (Interés político), Mercedes Sosa (interés músical), Mario Roberto Santucho (Rural district, defended el Pueblo) <—Conexión de una genia, right there, and last but not least, “La hora de los hornos”, documental, (interés en películas). 


Propaganda Groups (4 Groups of Imagenes) <—this is actually to introduce the lesson 

**Visual Learners out there: you can thank me now. 

1. Gaucho (argentine cowboy) Group (Again, rural area if you haven’t noticed by mis fotos) 

2. Copa Mundial ’78 <—Controversial, you betcha 

3. Jorge Videla pictures, including political cartoon (Ingenius I know) 

4. Madres de la plaza de mayo ❤ Les quiero con mi alma y les respeto 


At the end of it all, what I have learned: 

      1. Soy una genia, la verdad 

      2. We shall see how this complex unit goes over with Spanish Dos~Kinda concerning

      3. Sí, se puede, sí, se puede es mi motto. 

      4. Interest inclusion ought to be my speciality in lesson planning