Robert Braxton anticipates the day like a newborn child coming into the world. He is aware that the only reason a crime extraordinaire like him would be persecuted on a pretty theft charge is simply the government can’t gather evidence on the larger crimes. Emma Poloski is his wet dream of all the district attorneys, not because she was the best in all of Chicago, but because he off-ed her little brother fourteen years ago.


Robert sits in his chair biting on the tips of his fingernails from anticipation and longing. As Emma strolls through the courtroom, the chattering of the jury members ceases. They sense her presence and she demands their attention without a single word. Her voice enters the spacious room and echoes off the ceiling. Robert searches in the depths of her emerald eyes for some sorrow, but he receives nothing. The usual determination the prosecuted face isn’t even present in her eyes. Her hair is down atop her head in a rigid bun, the black suit with a navy blue under top, and her flat shoes show a strong female, in a male dominated field.


Emma Poloski calls Robert to the stand. He tries to remain calm walking to the stand, but his stroll appears like a giddy, gallop instead. He didn’t care they would lock him up a pair of years. Quite frankly, the sentence seems like a reward compared to the sentence of life they should’ve given him for the death of Adam Poloski or the numerous drug deals he organizes and leads across the town. More over, Robert wants a reaction. Poloski fiddles around with some questions beating around the bush to the petty crime. She is agitated that the office even assigned her such a case. Her eyes show no recognition to the man in front of her and he is disappointed. He thinks to himself: “I killed your little brother, damn. How can you be so intelligent to lockup so many of my men and you can’t notice the king right in front of you?” Her strategic questions are just frustrated attempts to get the information. They lacked the drive and luster of her previous cases and Poloski really didn’t care to waste her time on such a case. She had made it obvious to her higher ups, but they didn’t seem to really pay much heed to her advice.


Emma knows any hardened criminal has a solid alibi. She leans over the stand trying to seem intimidating and says: “At the time of 2:03 am on the day of December 13th, who were you with?” Braxton exhales and rolls his eyes, because he realizes the case is a waste of their time and it is blown. He anticipated an emotional breakdown for nothing. As Emma winks coyly in his direction, he is enticed. “Is Emma Poloski trying to seduce me by blowing the case?” he thinks to himself confusedly, but quickly ignores the notion.


When Emma hears the verdict, she anticipated it. Climbing into her car, she inhales and follows Braxton. Braxton is knowledgeable, but he wasn’t against being followed. His men can easily defend him against a dainty, little female. She can dress, think, and work like a man, but she’ll never measure up. Clearly, she can’t even recognize the man who murdered Adam. Emma isn’t hiding her tailgating adventure and hops out of the car at the same instant.


She follows him to the porch. Her hands remove the hair tie concealing the true length of her hair. Her dark, chestnut brown locks flow to her shoulders messily and her emerald green eyes are enticing. She removes the black suit jacket and unbuttons her navy, blue top. “She’s sure not the little girl, she used to be.” Braxton thinks. He runs her fingers through her dark, distinguished hair.


            One of his men enters the room. Braxton looks sharply in his direction. He can see the look on the man’s face. His men are aware of his violent outrages and they don’t experiment to find out the breaking point, especially not with his lustful desires of women. Poloski submissively looks into his eyes like a doll. Her dominance fades into the background. He rips her shirt off hungrily and eagerly ready.


Carefully, Robert pulls her towards him and kisses her twirling her tongue around inside his mouth. She breathes into his ear and slowly kisses his neck as she reaches into her pocket grabbing a poisoned dart. Emma looks into his eyes and whispers: “Two years isn’t justice, life for a life. You should’ve known Emma Poloski is never dominated.” He gasps for air dramatically for a few moments and Emma Poloski leaves a picture of Adam and her business card in his hand.  She removes her shirt fiercely: “Is this what you wanted to see?”


Leaving the building,  the air breezed against her bare back and her breasts were a sense of pride and not shame. She stands facing the drizzling clouds. Instead of racing to the car, she stands abruptly until she hears a man exit the home. “You can never dominate my world.”: Emma declares. The poison was released from her kiss as well as the dart. She falls to the ground, before the trigger is even poured, and she vomits on the driveway.


Her body doesn’t want to accept the poison, but Emma Poloski decided what will happen in her life, even at death.